Why Should You Consider Building An eBrochure?

eBrochures are eye-catching digital publications created by MMR. Just like most of the flipbooks you can find online, they mimic the page-flipping of a real magazine. But what makes them really stand out, is the endless possibilities for animation and interactivity. As a custom-built brochure, eBrochures are not limited by restrictions that come with a templated solution. 

But why should you consider building one for your brand? When comparing eBrochures to a print magazine, eBrochures provides significant benefits, including:

  • Easy updates that are visible to everyone who has access to the URL.
  • Optimised user experience on all devices.
  • Easy distribution via Marketing Campaigns, Social Media, email, etc.
  • Call to Action buttons that can make you eBrochure become an active part of your conversion path.
  • Inclusion of media-rich features like videos and animations to keep the reader engaged.
  • The power of analytics – learn about your audience and refine your strategy.
  • No more hassle with print and distribution, and as a bonus – you will save some trees along the way.


Here Are Some Ideas For Different eBrochure Types.

eBrochures cover a variety of purposes, and in terms of what’s possible, only your imagination is the limit. They can be a visually stunning representation of your brand, or a highly detailed and organized source or technical information. 

Below are just some examples for inspiration: 

  • Brand Introduction – Enhance your online presence and company identity with a beautiful introduction booklet for your brand. 
  • Marketing Materials – eBrochures can introduce your services, and they can include CTA buttons like “Find out more” or “subscribe here”. For example, a brochure for your big event, presenting all the different packages that you offer.
  • Source of Information – They can host ticketing information for your upcoming events. 
  • A Product Catalogue – Present all your items with “Shop Now” buttons, linking through to your shop.
  • Statistics Report – Make your reports visually stunning and engaging with animated charts and numbers.
  • Presentation – You can use eBrochures for impressive animated presentations to win over sponsors and investors.  

These are just some ideas for eBrochure use. If you have a different type of content altogether, get in touch with our team and we will advise on the best solution.

For example, we also manage Livebook, which may be a more suitable option for your publication.


Incorporate eBrochures Into Your Marketing Strategy.

eBrochures can become a part of your marketing strategy and fit in nicely into your conversion paths. As I mentioned earlier, you can include Call to Action buttons throughout the eBrochure. You can even add an enquiry form for the viewer to fill out and use it as a data collection tool.

Let’s say your goal is to gain more subscribers to your database. One solution would be to have a short eBrochure as an ad destination. This brochure would describe what your business is about, and introduce a great deal for everyone who signs up through this eBrochure. All they need to do is fill out the subscription form, right there on the page.

You can use your eBrochures wisely, as they can have different sections with different goals. 

Each page in your eBrochure has its own unique URL, so you can be specific about what page you share to who.

When funnelling your leads towards taking a specific action, you can use the URL that opens up that particular page in your eBrochure.

For example, the first section could include the subscription CTA for new leads. However, the following sections could go more in-depth into specific products, which you can use for targeted sales campaigns. 

There are a lot of possibilities for how to use your eBrochure most efficiently. If you’d like some help with refining your ideas, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help!


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