Digital Marketing is on the rise.

As a business owner, you need to determine how to attract your potential customer, how to make them a happy client and a loyal brand ambassador.

In the modern world, we have a very dynamic market in digital space. Things are changing fast, and businesses need to be able to keep up with the trends! The fact is that most of the consumers nowadays approach the service or product providers online, and more than 60% of this happens on a mobile device.

Their user journey usually starts with a Google search, finding some suitable brands, comparing them based on their websites and online stores, clarifying some questions via online chat and once they make the decision – purchase the product online! 

The above makes one thing very clear – It is time to make your strategy digital.


What exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is your business strategy online. It consists of actions you can take in the digital environment to promote your brand and online presence via online advertising, social media and email marketing. The aim of this is to broaden your audience and attract more engagement and conversions.

Some other elements of digital marketing are:

  • SEO and content creation – The foundation – increasing your overall presence and visibility on the internet. 
  • Online video content
  • Email marketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Viral marketing


Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

As mentioned above, our audience has moved online, almost entirely. As a result, companies are dedicating more and more of their marketing budget towards digital marketing. The funds dedicated to digital marketing have risen significantly. In 2014, the average amount spent on digital marketing from the whole budget was 1%, by 2020 it had increased to an astounding 75%!

Makes sense, there is no reason to advertise in a hard copy Newspaper when everyone is reading their news online.

And as most of the companies are making a move to online, the ones left behind will have no other choice but to follow as the online has become the new marketplace. 

Let’s look deeper into some of the digital marketing strategies to help your business grow in our digital world.


Tips for Successful Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can make a difference to your business success.

Here are some areas to keep in mind when working on your company’s digital presence and strategy.


Optimise for mobile

Statistics show that most of the online shopping takes place on mobiles. People use their downtime on public transport or in a doctor’s waiting room to do some online browsing and potentially slip some products into their cart. The way your website presents on mobile is vital and one of the essential foundation elements to tackle when moving your business online. 

Here is an interesting article we wrote about the importance of user experience. It has some quite shocking statistics about how people interact with badly versus well mobile optimised sites.


Optimise for SEO

If you want your brand to have a presence online, you should consider doing some SEO (search engine optimisation) work for your website. Ranking in the top 10 on Google is a guaranteed business success. However, it can also be much work if the competition is tough. 

Your SEO depends on a few different things; 

– How much content do you have published online?

– Is the content relevant to what is being searched?

– Is your website an authoritative source of information?


You can learn about SEO in more detail from an SEO article by Livebook.


Effective Use of Digital Content

Think about your audience – what would they like to know about your brand, your products, or your area of industry in general? What kind of questions would they ask in different stages of their journey? 

It is a good idea to create content answering all these questions. A blog would be one great way to do it, this content can then be used in promotions and campaigns to increase awareness about your brand. 

Creating a good quality blog and social content will also benefit your SEO profile.


digital marketing

Brand Optimisation

It is crucial to make sure your brand is present and optimised for all the different channels. Doing so ensures that you are reaching all your potential audience, regardless of their channels or platforms of choice. Make 

sure you are covering all the bases when it comes to digital communication, including email marketing, Social Media and overall good online presence.    


Digital Marketing is relatively cost-effective.

When compared to other marketing tactics, digital marketing is considered relatively cost-effective. According to the digital marketing spend report, an astonishing 40% considers digital marketing more beneficial and less costly than other strategies.


Digital Marketing allows for communication in both ways.

The great thing about digital marketing is the ability to track and analyse and be in active communication with your audience. Analytics has the power to provide you with insightful data about the general traffic and user behaviours on your website. In that sense, your audience is talking to you without even knowing it.

You can also ask for their feedback more directly, send them a feedback form or a business review, or do an EDM campaign where you ask them about their interests. It is more important than ever to keep improving and learning from your mistakes, knowing your customer will help you grow and provide a better user experience for them.


More significant ROI than ever before

Taking your brand digital comes with the opportunity to widen your audience and get your products in front of more eyes than ever before. But a bigger audience can also mean more significant Return on Investment (ROI)

The ability to target your audience by interest, age, location, career and even life events increases your chances of a successful conversion.


The future of digital marketing

Technology keeps evolving at higher and higher speeds, and the businesses will need to up their game in digital to keep up. Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it will keep evolving, just like the rest of the digital environment.

Here are some overall trends recognised by CMO.com by Adobe

  • The number of internet users will steadily keep growing.
  • The video will become more and more popular
  • Video and Audio sources are predicted to generate the most traffic in the near future.

Here are some predictions from Forbes for what the next years might bring:

  • Companies will continue to be data-focused and keep improving their digital marketing strategies. They will lean towards omnichannel marketing strategy, which means having coordinated exposure on as many platforms as possible.
  • Account-based marketing will is on a steady rise.
  •  Various technologies will be more and more integrated, creating cohesive marketing technology stacks, allowing the companies to act more and more different digital marketing tasks from the same platform in a more unified and consistent fashion.

For future success, the companies need to become digital-savvy and accept the fact that we now live in a digital world, where having a good digital marketing strategy is a must if they want to succeed.


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